There has never been a better time to go digital.

There has never been a better time to go digital.

The demand for dentures is growing, while the overall number of labs continues to decline. This represents an enormous opportunity for lab owners to go digital, especially since they’re already equipped for a seamless integration into current workflows. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your lab and your business.

Smarter software for better dentures.

By combining superior denture materials, Dentsply Sirona delivers the highest-quality final appliance. Lucitone 199 Denture Base Discs and Portrait IPN Denture Teeth are joined together using Lucitone High Impact Pour Acrylic, the first pour acrylic to meet ISO standards for improved impact resistance. These high quality materials are combined with AvaDent´s design expertise and intelligent software to create genuinely digital dentures.

Breathe new life into your lab.

Breathe new life into your lab.

Our Digital Dentures were designed to be flexible, offering wideranging benefits to all types of labs. While our denture materials have been optimized to work with Dentsply Sirona scanning and milling machines, they can be used successfully with a wide range of equipment from other manufacturers.

Ask your Dentsply Sirona representative for more information
about Dentsply Sironas Digital Dentures.


Digital Dentures. The upgrade you’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to new Dentsply Sirona Digital Dentures Engineered by AvaDent®, it’s time to take a new look at dentures. We’ve addressed the downsides of traditional denture production to benefit both your practice and your patients, integrating the clinician seamlessly into the digital workflow. Adding Digital Dentures to your practice will also help you keep your patients satisfied and increase referrals. It’s the smart choice for your practice.

Talk to your lab about Digital Dentures from Dentsply Sirona, or contact your Dentsply Sirona representative today to find a partner to help you take advantage of this new industry-changing technology.


We’re going to change the way you think about dentures.

We’re going to change the way you think about dentures.

Maybe it’s your first time and the stories you’ve heard make you nervous. Maybe you’ve been fitted before and dread going through it again. But thanks to Digital Dentures from Dentsply Sirona, you can expect a faster, easier way to achieve a comfortably beautiful smile. We’ve created a more precise way to create dentures that fit your mouth better, look more natural and perform reliably for years to come.

Ask your dentist for more information about the benefits of Digital Dentures, the fitting process and the results you can expect. Now you have an exciting new option that can change the way you think about dentures forever.


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